We help people and businesses grow to next levels of leadership and excellence by providing innovative and effective training, courses, and coaching solutions that prepare and empower them to achieve their big bodacious professional and personal goals.


Using our E3 Excellence Model, we EDUCATE you by giving you the information you need to advance and accelerate.  We ENGAGE you through the learning and coaching process, so that learning is not boring or monotonous, but an interactive experience you enjoy. We EMPOWER you to raise the bar, think bolder and bigger, and take massive action to achieve your ambitious goals and make your vision a reality.

Services Provided

Rhonda presented at our Best Practices Conference that focused on leadership in healthcare and she did not disappoint!  She was an engaging and dynamic speaker who captured the room and had people thinking on a personal level about how their own self-care can positively impact their presence and performance in the workplace.  Rhonda provided practical, digestible pieces of information for attendees to take home and implement immediately to begin a journey of self-care.  I would definitely recommend Rhonda for any group as her work is applicable to areas outside of healthcare as well. – Laura Bruce, Clinical Nurse Educator 6C and System Oncology,  Bryn Mawr Hospital

“I am so impressed with Rhonda Kinard of A Life Ignited! As a speaker for The Urban League of Philadelphia’s Empowerment Week 2018 event “Careers Empowered”, Rhonda was awesome! She was professional from the moment she agreed to participate in the engagement. She was detail oriented, had great preparation and follow through, arrived early and was accessible to audience members beyond her segment of the event. 

Most importantly, her presentation was flawless. Her role in the event was to get the group motivated and empowered. Rhonda was real, present, engaged with the audience and seemed to genuinely enjoy what she was doing and the coaching she was providing. I would highly recommend Rhonda for group engagements and personal coaching. Feel free to contact me personally for a more detailed reference. I can’t wait to work with Rhonda again! “

Debra Abrams, CPA, PHR, Urban League of Philadelphia