Certified Life & Success Coach   Motivational Speaker  Author  Mother & Wife

I empower women to make lifestyle changes and lead healthy, happy, and peaceful lives which are achieved through “weight” release, fitness, self-care, and coaching.

“The Weight” is the baggage, the stress, limits, patterns, habits, mindsets, and strongholds that are suffocating your happiness, peace, and infinite potential.

As a result of my support, coaching, and accountability services, entrepreneurs and professional women who are powerhouse executives, leaders, managers, and business owners are able to achieve crowns of success and fulfillment outside of work, lose the “weight” (limits and baggage), discover their self-worth beyond their title and accolades, decrease stress, find their inner happiness, and reach their personal goals.  

I’m looking for the success-minded passionate woman who wants to:

Let go of anything (aka “the weight”) that is keeping her from looking and feeling her “personal best”

Awaken her spirit and thrive in all areas of her life, not just at work 

Get healthy and change her relationship with food and overall wellness

Create and achieve Soul”Full” goals that feel so darn good

Achieve more, because even though she has achieved extraordinary success, she knows she has yet to tap into her fullest potential. There is more to do!

Confidential and non-judgmental support and accountability from a trusted partner  

Partner with a coach who is fierce, fear “less”, leads by example, is successful in her own right, and is not a fan. See a fan won’t push you because a fan thinks you are great just the way you are. A fiery coach knows that there is an even greater calling on your life and extraordinary work left for you to do – and she, I, won’t let you settle for anything less.

Client Testimonial

Throughout the coaching program, Rhonda was a sounding board, a cheerleader, a mentor, teacher, and an accountability partner. We reached the goals I had set for myself during our time together.  I highly recommend Rhonda, and it’s comforting to know she is always available as a resource should there be a time again in my life when I need a little help steering the ship.

Helen S., Assistant Director, Applications and Data Services, Temple University


You get the choice every day to let go of mindsets and patterns that keep you from rising. Every day, you have the opportunity to pursue your innermost desires and create a life that awakens your soul and feeds your spirit.

You get to decide for yourself what is best for you. Who do you want to be?  How do you want to feel? What do you want to have? How do you want to look?  Who do you desire to serve?

When you strip away the titles, awards, and accolades, who are you? When you take off the lashes and mascara, and look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you know her? Is she happy? Is she thriving? Does her soul sing? Is she manifesting magic and living her best life? 

My mission is to empower every woman I meet to fall madly in love with their authentic beautiful selves again; to live well – mind, body, and spirit. I want women to lose “the weight” – the baggage, the stress, limits, patterns, habits, mindsets, and strongholds that are suffocating their purpose, peace, and infinite potential, and to make time to love on themselves, and make self-care and fitness foundations and core energy sources in their lives.

As for me, I will support you as you run boldly towards your next best level. Because here is what I know for sure… When a woman feels strong and powerful, everyone and everything around her will thrive.

My intention is to help you vibrate higher, glow from the inside out, and love every part of your life. Using self-care as a tool for connecting you to your best and most committed, energetic, and courageous self, I help you successfully unlock your untapped personal power, set and achieve your personal soul”full” goals, and create the abundant life you desire, deserve, and crave – your way, on your terms.

It’s time for you to step fully into all that you’ve been called to be, and all that you’ve been called to do.

It’s time to live fully, beautiful soul!

It’s time to IGNITE!