Rhonda Kinard is a Lead Woman in Tech in the Philadelphia area with over 20 years of experience in software development, innovation, technology testing, training, and consulting. She has been a certified lifestyle coach for almost 10 years. Rhonda is the author of two books, one an Amazon bestseller, and motivational speaker.

In the busyness of building a career, raising children, pursuing entrepreneurial ventures, and being a wife, like many powerful women, while she was being driven and powerful at work, and taking care of the needs of her family, she was packing on the pounds, putting herself last, and neglecting her health and wellness.

Neglected health led to poor health which led to high blood pressure, low energy, stress, and body image issues at work.

Knowing that she was letting herself go was starting to frustrate her, and that frustration showed up in her work and in her relationships at home with her children and husband.

It took almost losing her life to an allergic reaction to blood pressure medication for Rhonda to recognize the importance of her health to her businesses, her career – and more importantly, her family!

Without good health, she would not be able to perform fully at work and she would not be able to be the kind of energetic, fully present, vibrant, and fun mom and wife she wanted to be.

So she went into action and did something about it!

Now, she shares her story and strategies with other professional busy working moms and wives; motivating, supporting, and pushing them to live their most powerful lives, not just in the boardroom, but in all areas of their lives!



Rhonda is a graduate of Temple University’s Fox School of Business, and the founder of A Life Ignited, an empowerment movement dedicated to helping purpose-driven people achieve fulfilling success, reach their goals and excel in life and business.

Rhonda is the author of two empowerment and leadership books, “A Life Ignited – Ignite Your Inner Fuse” and the best-selling anthology, “Women Leaders with Inspiring Stories.” Rhonda’s powerful messages have been published by Thrive Global and Mayshad Magazine. Rhonda is also a monthly contributor to Womelle Leadership Magazine where she serves as the Womelle For a Cause Chairwoman of the Board.

Rhonda gives back to her alma mater, Temple University, and she also volunteers for organizations such as Girls Spark, Hand Over Hand, and Great Careers PHL.

Rhonda Kinard’s powerful messages of personal power, self-care, and mindset mastery have helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives and achieve their goals.

Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and college students have all been inspired by Rhonda’s inspiring presentations and courses. Rhonda has been recognized nationally for her passion, motivational expertise, and leadership excellence.

Rhonda Kinard has been featured on various media outlets including Be Expo 2018 Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network,  WRNB Philly 100.3 FM Working Diva Wednesday, and WTNU “Think Zone”. Rhonda Kinard is a Mayshad Magazine Lifestyle Ambassador and is a featured monthly contributor for Womelle Leadership Magazine for Women.

Rhonda has reached the masses, both nationally and internationally with her powerful message of empowerment, self-care, service, and gratitude.
Rhonda Kinard is a dynamic woman with an extraordinary story and an undeniable ability to help people transform their lives. Rhonda is also a master at accomplishing extraordinary goals in her life, and she teaches and motivates others to do the same.