Hello, Beautiful Ignited Friend! A Message From Me.


I’m a mom and wife! I live life with a little grit and a whole lot of grace.

After 21 successful years working in corporate America as a financial software and technology professional, I leaped into my divine assignment. I followed my passion for igniting the lives, hearts, and minds of women and girls who are not walking in the fullness of who they’ve been called to be.

I volunteer. I lead. I pray. I workout. I’m that crazy mom in the stands cheering on my kids. And in the morning, when I think my husband isn’t watching, I turn on my fan and pretend I’m Beyonce’ while I’m getting dressed.

But more than anything, I’m a passionate woman who never let my circumstances, my lack of resources and really low moments in life, or the opinions’ of others, keep me from a living the life I want to live.

I had very little support from family and relatives when I started living my life “my way” and there were times when I barely had enough food to eat. I also went to work every day wishing I could be my own boss, start my own business, and impact the world! Many days I felt stuck, unsupported, and frustrated that I may never break through the monotony. But instead of taking up permanent residence in the state of “discouraged and defeated”, I used those moments to fuel my desire to have more, be more, and do more good in the world! I refused to fail. And even when I fell a few times (okay, many many times), I always got up and tried again, because I knew for me, failure was not an option, and I knew (and still know now) with 100% certainty that God did not bring me this far to leave me! That He had big bodacious plans for my life! So I pressed on, and today, my life is barely recognizable! My today, the life my kids get to enjoy is nothing like the life I endured when I was a child. I am living fully, achieving my goals, and serving God’s purpose for me as I walk out my divine assignment daily. Now, I have a family who loves me, a husband who supports me, and a career that gives me oxygen every day. I’m in the best shape of my life and I get to serve and empower others for a living. What more could a girl ask for?

I humbly and gratefully share that with you to say, if this is all possible for me, a little poor girl from West Philly who was kicked out of college, lived in a home where alcohol, drug, and mental abuse was prevalent, and had little support and resources, then guess what… Everything you desire in your life and more is possible for you! 

I don’t regret anything I ever went through. I know now, that is was all preparation for a bigger purpose. And I needed to endure my journey so that I could motivate, inspire, and help you endure yours, too!


Professional Bio

Rhonda Kinard is a Certified Life & Empowerment Coach. She has been coaching and training professionals, students, and adult learners since 1996.

 Rhonda is a graduate of The Philadelphia High School for Girls and an alumna of Temple University’s prestigious Fox School of Business.

She is currently the Chairwoman of WomELLE for a Cause and serves on the Executive Board of the Temple Women’s Network as the Director of Communications & Social Media.

After 21 years in corporate America, working as a successful Lead Analyst and Software Tester for financial software providers, Rhonda walked away from her career in tech and software to do what she is most passionate about – igniting lives and helping people achieve new seasons and next levels of greatness in their lives, businesses, and careers.

Rhonda has been featured in WomELLE Leadership Magazine as a “Leader of the Month” as well as featured on their November 2017 cover as an expert on work-life balance. She has facilitated events organizations such as West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, Be Expo Philly, and Women In Entertainment Empowerment Network to inspire and teach others how to achieve their goals and thrive at work and in life. 

With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, coach, real estate investor, and financial software and technology professional, Rhonda brings an extraordinarily rich and unique combination of knowledge, skills, insight, and realness to her talks, teaching, and training.  

When she is not igniting lives, Rhonda is at the gym running and lifting weights, cooking or baking with her daughter, traveling abroad with her family, volunteering, or cheering on her kids at one of their many games, meets, or school activities.