Rhonda Kinard is the CEO of A Life Ignited, LLC, a personal and professional development company where she helps goal-driven men, women, and students obtain the soft skills and success coaching required to take their lives and businesses to “next level extraordinary.”

With over 21 years of experience and success in SaaS, SDLC, software testing, business analysis, computer literacy, technical writing, leadership/management, and professional and personal development training, Rhonda took the “big leap” and walked away from the risk management and financial software world to pursue her passion for training, coaching, speaking, and igniting lives.

Rhonda Kinard delivers training, e-learning solutions, and empowerment experiences to individuals, businesses, colleges, universities, and schools. Through her professional work, she also educates, engages, and empowers her clients and students to dream the unimaginable, take action, and achieve their big bodacious goals in life, leadership, and in their careers and businesses.

Rhonda is a sought-after motivational speaker and author. Her signature talk title “The Resilience Factor: Extraordinary Success after Epic Failure,” motivates audiences to push through challenging times and self-doubt by being resilient, mentally tough, and tapping into the power they possess within to conquer adversity and create the life they crave.

Rhonda is a very active community servant. She serves as the Director of Communications and Social Media for the Temple Women’s Network where she leads a committee of active phenomenal women. She also mentors and volunteers her time for causes with organizations such as The Urban League of Philadelphia, Sisterhood, and Treehouse Books.



Her book, “A Life Ignited – Ignite Your Inner Fuse” inspired readers to stop playing small and ignite their purpose and passion in life. Her new book, she is co-authoring with a group of powerhouse women influencers from all over the world, is scheduled for publication in December 2018.

With over 25 years of experience as a trainer, course creator, life and success coach, real estate investor, and software and technology professional, Rhonda brings an extraordinarily rich and unique combination of knowledge, skill, and authenticity to her talks, workshops, and courses.

When Rhonda is not working or volunteering, you can find her at the gym working out, running miles, cheering for her kids at one of their activities, enjoying “date night” with her husband, or traveling abroad with her family.