Rhonda Kinard, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, is the author of two motivational and empowerment books.

Her most recent release, Women Leaders With Inspiring Stories, co-authored with nine other best-selling authors, powerhouse leaders, and global influencers, inspires readers with its powerful stories of real women with real-life challenges and defining moments and how they turned breakdowns into breakthroughs, in life, and in business.

Her firstborn book, A Life Ignited – Ignite Your Inner Fuseencourages and motivates you to IGNITE your inner fuse by breaking down barriers of success and mediocrity, exercising more faith than fear, taking the “right” next steps to make purposeful and sustainable progress towards your goals, and boldly believing in the brilliance you possess to make your vision a reality and to live YOUR LIFE IGNITED.

Rhonda’s signature author talk, Rewriting “Her”Story, takes you on Rhonda’s emotional and uncut personal journey of self-discovery, success after epic failures, creating a life that sets her soul on fire, and serving others in excellence, from a full cup, each and every day.

Rhonda wraps up this powerful talk with tips and strategies for how you can rewrite your story, unleash your untapped potential, go for “it” even though you are scared and afraid, and create magic and infinite possibilities in your life.  Book signing and meet-n-greet follow the presentation. 

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 A Life Ignited -Ignite Your Inner Fuse

Rhonda’s first published self-help and motivational book inspires us to dream big, work through the fears and limiting mindsets that keep us stuck, and to not be discouraged by our less than stellar circumstances.  Sharing her own triumph, comeback, and success stories, Rhonda shares real and very relatable stories from her own life as proof that anything is possible if you believe, commit, and take action towards your vision every day.


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Women Leaders with Inspiring Stories

Explores the strength, courage, and inspiration of ten contemporary women who are executives, CEOs, mentors, and leaders in today’s modern and competitive world. Each chapter looks into the personal stories, struggles, and successes of each woman, including how they got to where they are now; and what they are doing to inspire and empower other women to do the same. In this book you’ll hear from the founder of the Just Do You empowerment movement; the CEO of A Life Ignited; the bestselling author of Up the Ladder in a Skirt; and other powerful speakers, authors, and mentors.

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