When You Work With Me…
You Take Action and You Get Results!
It’s in your D.N.A. to succeed!


It’s time to get on top of what’s holding you down, to get organized, and take your health and wellness serious!  You’re struggling to try to balance it all, but you don’t have to struggle any longer. I’m here to help you create the life you desire, be the woman you desire to be and have one heck of a good time along the way!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

– Maya Angelou

As we work together, create your D.N.A. (Deliberate Non-Negotiable Action Plan), and execute a strategy that meets the needs of your unique lifestyle and family reality, you build up the mindset muscles essential for your “Best, Boldest, and Most Beautiful Life Now”!

You are empowered to navigate through life’s challenges with courage and confidence, move past the fear of failure, and boldly pursue the amazing life you desire and deserve. I teach you how to command and control your mind by feeding it positive thoughts, focusing on desired outcomes, and reducing the noise of negativity from others and the self-doubt from within.

I “show up” for you, and I teach YOU how to UNAPOLOGETICALLY SHOW UP FOR YOU, too!

Together, we map out your D.N.A. (Deliberate Non-Negotiable Action Plan) by purposefully planning your spiritual, mental, and physical revival. I support you as you set goals that feel good and produce outcomes aligned with your truest and most authentic needs and dreams.

I coach you as you consistently work to achieve those goals. And while you are busy breaking chains, setting your spirit free so you can soar again, and cultivating next levels of satisfaction, success, and fulfillment, I ensure you are making time for self-care, good health and wellness, and fun along the way. 


I know you have greatness laying dormant within and given the right challenge and motivation, your greatness, strength, and superpowers will be exposed. I challenge you to bring out the best in you.

It’s time for you to prove to YOU that despite what others may have told you, you are a champion, you are enough, and you have exactly what it takes to be exactly who you want to be! Being challenged, empowered, and motivated to take ignited action will reintroduce you, and other times reveal to you to the best and brightest bits within you – those juicy bits you forgot were even there or never even knew existed.

I hold you accountable for being the curator of your own success, and I encourage you when you feel like giving up. I guide you and support you as you move through the process of self-reconstruction: creating a new blueprint for your life – One where you can be who you want to be, feel how you want to feel, and live a life you absolutely love.

The changes you make as part of your transformation will extend themselves to all parts of your life and you will see and experience the positive ripples of your re-ignited clarity, courage, confidence, and unstoppable action in all areas of your life, both personally and professionally.

By the time our work is complete, you will move your life forward to next levels and new seasons of fulfillment, success, well-being, and happiness. You’ll feel better, be better, and serve others better. you’ll no longer feel “all over the place” and you’ll be able to better manage home, work, and your personal needs and desires. You’ll be so much better at making healthier choices and you’ll be less anxious and stressed out by the twists, turns, and busyness of life.  Your kids, your family, and even your coworkers will see the difference, and as such, relationships will improve.

You are literally one decision away from changing the trajectory of your life!

Ready for next levels, better health, less stress, more confidence, and the results you crave?  

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Rhonda’s skills, innate instinct, and spiritual wisdom has provided me precisely what I needed during major life moves and career transitions. She is an asset that I’ve called on several times throughout my life and will absolutely help you set goals and ultimately reach them. With her professional advice and coaching, I’ve gone to next level income and career levels.
Tynisha Astrel, Analyst, U.S. Department of Commerce (formerly, U.S. Department of Defense)
The beauty of her book and coaching sessions is that Rhonda’s greatest resource is her real-life experiences. She took something that she’s lived through and created a program that exists solely to make an impact in the lives of others. Whether you are meeting with her one on one or attending A Life Ignited workshop, you will leave empowered and ready to achieve your life’s goals.
Britnee N. Smith, Author, Greatness Development Coach & Creative Strategist