Success & Empowerment Coaching Programs for Professionals

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. – Maya Angelou

Rhonda Kinard is a certified Success & Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping people who are successful in business achieve and experience fulfillment and success with their health and wellness – mind, body, and spirit, too. 



Rhonda’s focus is on high-level professional powerhouse women who need to take better care of their health and their bodies. She helps them manage being a key player at work while making time for self-care, family & friends, and fun.

Rhonda is an avid self-care enthusiast and heart-health advocate. She knows firsthand the damage that can be done physically and spiritually when busy women do not make taking care of themselves a priority.

After suffering irreversible blindness in her right eye from stress-induced high blood pressure and poor diet, she began to make changes in her life that reversed her high blood pressure, lowered her stress, made her more desirable for leadership roles at work, and exponentially improved her relationships with her husband and kids. 

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I am an accomplished, successful, professional woman. And there are times when even accomplished, successful, professional people need a little assistance, or a “push” to get to a place where they become an even better accomplished, successful professional.
I met Rhonda a few years ago at a networking event, where I learned she was a life coach. I began following her blog and newsletter updates, so I knew she’d be the perfect person to turn to when I needed a boost in my life…there were things around me I just never seemed to be able to master, and Rhonda always impressed me as someone who was well organized and just had it all together.
Rhonda and I worked together for six months. Throughout the coaching program, she was a sounding board, a cheerleader, a mentor, teacher, and an accountability partner. We reached the goals I had set for myself during our time together, and I still practice my “What Would Rhonda Do?” internal chant whenever I approach a hurdle or two on my path.
I highly recommend Rhonda, and it’s comforting to know she is always available as a resource should there be a time again in my life when I need a little help steering the ship. 
Helen Sanders, Assistant Director, Applications and Data Services, Temple University

Juggling many responsibilities including managing a busy household with my partner and our 2 children, keeping up with my health and wellness needs as someone with Multiple Sclerosis, trying to attain personal fitness and body goals, working to grow my real estate business, and also knowing that I still needed time for myself… I knew I needed some help. Rhonda was a tremendous help to me during the time I spent with her as a life coach.

Helping me organize my goals and get better with time management were some of the primary focuses we worked on. I have seen great results during and after our term together. I was able to reach the weight goal I set for myself and right now I am the busiest that I have been thus far in my real estate business.

The best thing about Rhonda is that her service is personalized to you. Many of my challenges were things that she could relate to as well (as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur), which made the process very comfortable. 

Rhonda is a great motivator and she really does take on the role of your personal cheerleader. Although she will cheer you on, she will also light the fire under you when needed. I’m glad I was able to have the Ignited Experience! 

Briana M. Cannon, REALTOR®

Rhonda’s skills, innate instinct, and spiritual wisdom has provided me precisely what I needed during major life moves and career transitions. She is an asset that I’ve called on several times throughout my life and will absolutely help you set goals and ultimately reach them. With her professional advice and coaching, I’ve gone to next level income and career levels.
Tynisha Astrel, Analyst, U.S. Department of Commerce (formerly, U.S. Department of Defense)