You deserve to be happy, to live well, and to feel good! And it’s about time for you make bold power moves, take radical action, and unapologetically follow your intuition to make the happiness, health, and success you want a reality.

Right now, in this moment be unstoppable as you go after all you desire and deserve.

This is what you’ve been asking and searching for! This is Your Next Best Move…

Plant yourself in a positive and powerful empowerment and coaching program and watch how you grow into the happiness, success, abundance, health and wellness you crave!

From weekly live empowerment sessions in an exclusive and private Facebook group, life & success training and group conference calls, weekly accountability shout-outs, planning sessions, and so much more, you will find this coaching experience and community just what you need to stay focused, empowered, and motivated as you get unstuck, get back on track, and achieve your goals.

Rhonda’s private coaching clients invest a minimum of $1,300 to work with her. You have the opportunity to invest pennies a days into the priceless results, community, and support you want and need!

Join the exclusive VIP coaching community now!

Three super affordable and easy-to-achieve digital packages to choose from allow you to get the coaching, support, and motivation you desire without breaking the bank or over-committing to some aggressively impossible program that your busy schedule can’t keep up with or manage effectively. 

For less than $0.50 a day, you can make yourself a priority and start taking care of your needs and your wants. Stop trying to do it alone. You need support and accountability from a coach with proven-results. Work with me, achieve your goals, surround yourself with positive people who want to see you win, and live your best life ever!

Fire Starter

Online Coaching & Community


Exclusive VIP Facebook Group for Action-Takers Only!

24/7 Support & Motivation with Access to Private Facebook Group where you will connect with Coach Rhonda and other visionary success-centric souls like you. Coach Rhonda will guide conversations and topics that will keep you empowered, inspired, and on track to reaching your goals 

Ignited “Tea”chable Moments Live!

Get your weekly dose of vitamin “I Can Do This!” through weekly Facebook live trainings and motivational sessions with Coach Rhonda.

Walk away with tips and strategies to help you implement, take action, get results, and achieve your goals

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Have questions about overcoming challenges, feeling less stress, staying motivated, or what to do next?

Coach Rhonda will facilitate a weekly Q&A in the private Facebook community to answer your questions, help you get unstuck, and also help you gain focus and clarity around your next best move every week.

Success Planning Sundays

Let’s get this party started right!!

Set your small goals for the week and share them in the community and with Coach Rhonda.

Let the community love on you, support you, and celebrate you as you take action to achieve your small goals and stay on track to reach your big goals and the happiness and fulfillment you desire in life.


All Firestarter PLUS Conference Call 


Monthly Live Group Video Conference with Coach Rhonda 

Make winning, crushing your goals, and living your best life a more than a habit – Make it a Lifestyle!!

Monthly video conference calls (for Lifestyle & Manifest VIP’s only) with Coach Rhonda where you will deep dive into discussions about strategies for staying motivated, feeling less stress and more happiness, and creating the life, and results, you want.

Exclusive VIP Facebook Group for Action-Takers Only!

Ignited “Tea”chable Moments Live!

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Success Planning Sundays


All Lifestyle PLUS  PRIVATE Coaching


“POWER UP” Private One-on-One Coaching Call with Rhonda

In a private, confidential, non-judgmental and “Safe Space”, let’s take a close look at what you need, what’s holding you back, what scares you, and what’s blocking your next level.

And then let’s develop a plan of action to help you break down those barriers, feel more confident, crush your goals, and feel good in the process.

Monthly private coaching call will address your specific and unique needs, while giving you the support and accountability you need to stay connected and committed to your goals.

Leave each call feeling motivated and empowered with proven tips, strategies, and action items to keep focused and on track to achieve your goals, find your happiness, and experience more happiness and fulfillment in life.

Monthly Live Group Video Conference with Coach Rhonda 

Exclusive VIP Facebook Group for Action-Takers Only!

Ignited “Tea”chable Moments Live!

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Success Planning Sundays

I am an accomplished, successful, professional woman. And there are times when even accomplished, successful, professional people need a little assistance, or a “push” to get to a place where they become an even better accomplished, successful professional.

Throughout the coaching program, Rhonda was a sounding board, a cheerleader, a mentor, teacher, and an accountability partner. We reached the goals I had set for myself during our time together.

I highly recommend Rhonda, and it’s comforting to know she is always available as a resource should there be a time again in my life when I need a little help steering the ship. ~ Helen Sanders, Assistant Director, Applications and Data Services, Temple University

I have experienced the following improvements as a direct result of engaging Rhonda;
▪ Two promotional career opportunities
▪ Higher level of self awareness & discovery
▪ More self-confidence
▪ More financial income
Rhonda’s skills, innate instinct and spiritual wisdom have provided me precisely what I needed.

Tynisha Astrel, MBA
Analyst at US Department of Defense 


Juggling many responsibilities including managing a busy household with my partner and our 2 children, keeping up with my health and wellness needs as someone with Multiple Sclerosis, trying to attain personal fitness and body goals, working to grow my real estate business, and also knowing that I still needed time for myself… I knew I needed some help. Rhonda was a tremendous help to me during the time I spent with her as a life coach.

Helping me organize my goals and get better with time management were some of the primary focuses we worked on. I have seen great results during and after our term together. I was able to reach the weight goal I set for myself and right now I am the busiest that I have been thus far in my real estate business.

The best thing about Rhonda is that her service is personalized to you. Many of my challenges were things that she could relate to as well (as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur), which made the process very comfortable. 

Rhonda is a great motivator and she really does take on the role of your personal cheerleader. Although she will cheer you on, she will also light the fire under you when needed. I’m glad I was able to have the Ignited Experience!  

Briana M. Cannon, REALTOR®