Information alone is not enough!

Information and Education + Inspiration =

Ignited Action and Next Level Success


Ignited Empowerment Courses and Programs are designed to take students and attendees on a transformation journey as enhance and improve their knowledge and skillsets of subject matters, absorb new content, and saturate themselves in the belief that if they truly want to uplevel their lives or businesses that can achieve the results they desire, deserve, and crave.

At the completion of an ignited program or course, attendees are equipped with an arsenal of knowledge, action items that can be implemented immediately, and bodacious boost of confidence that will empower them to take action to achieve their desired results.

Here are samples of programs that are available to you. 

Contact Team Ignited to learn how we can implement a new and exciting course or strategy in your company or organization to help those you serve to achieve next level greatness and achievement in their lives, careers, businesses, and homes.


There is no disputing the fact that excellence in leadership is both the core and the catalyst for company growth, team productivity, and overall employee satisfaction in any organization – across all genres of business.

Good leaders drive employee and team engagement, empower people to reach their fullest potential, to take risks, and not to be afraid to fail. Good leaders lead by example; they exemplify the characteristics that influence a vision-centric corporate culture and drive teams to work towards goals, together. A good leader plants seeds and cultivates an environment for future leaders to grow and flourish.

So, what’s the secret to stellar leadership? How is it that some people are excellent leaders with teams that thrive and others are ineffective leaders that chase people out the door or suffocate their team’s enthusiasm and brilliance with their poor leadership skills? Train and empower your team to be excellent leaders that inspire, transform, and ignite! 



Are your mind, body, and spirit strong enough to withstand the challenges that come with working hard to achieve your goals, providing stellar leadership at home and at work, and rendering excellent service to others?

Self-care is your personal responsibility to those you love, lead, and inspire. It’s a requirement for living well, leading others, working successfully within a team, and enjoying all the rewards of your hard work and perseverance.  

Self-care is the most unselfish gift you can give to anyone. 

Workshops and talks encourage self-care to IGNITE leadership, success in life and business, and the ability to serve others better!



The Ultimate Guide For Interview Skills and Readiness When Getting Hired Is The Goal is now available on our online school. Click here to access this comprehensive e-course.

Contact Team Ignited to learn how this course can be facilitated live for your next cohort or students. Bundled packages are also available that include Mock Interviews, Resume Check-ups, Coaching, and much more. Private coaching is also available. 


Only 3% of all people who set goals actually achieve them. 

The other 97% continue to make excuses, defer their dreams, and live without ever truly experiencing the fulfillment, success, and happiness they crave in life and business!

I’ve taken my secrets of successful goal settings, that up until now were only shared with my Ignited coaching clients, and packaged them into a powerful and highly-interactive course, “Goal Setting Basics For Extraordinary Success”.