Are You Ready to FINALLY Manifest More of What You Want ✨, Stand Fully In Your Power ✨, and Create a Life That Feels Good ✨ and Sets Your Soul on Fire ✨ – While You Get Sisterhood and Support from a Positive & Powerful Community ✨ of Purpose-Driven Goal Getters ✨ Who Want to See You Win? 🙏🏽✨🦋

Welcome to the …

The “IGNITE Your Life” Experience


A Personal Power Online Coaching & Motivational Mastermind for Busy Purpose-Driven Women on a Mission to Feel Their Best, Slay Their Goals, and Live Life ~ Their Way, On Their Terms ~ To The Fullest

Hi! I’m Rhonda, Your IGNITED Person Power Leadher – CEO, of A Life Ignited, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Certified Life & Success Coach, and The Creator of The IGNITE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE 

I created this TRANSFORMATIONAL MASTERMIND & COACHING experience so you can access all the motivation and support you need in a FREE-TO-BE AUTHENTICALLY “YOU”/NO JUDGEMENT ZONE.

The IGNITED Experience will help you stay focused, committed, and take consistent action towards the life and RESULTS you desire. 

Here you will get an EASY & AFFORDABLE yet POWERFUL experience, that also offers you support from other passion-driven action taking goal-getters, and the coaching & accountability you need to get results, without having to make a high-ticket investment or commit to a long-term program … 



This experience gives you the ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY you need to integrate this transformational experience into your busy lifestyle.  

For less than one vanilla latte per week, you can start to take MEANINGFUL ACTION, break down the barriers to your success, see results, and create a life that feels good and sets your soul on fire – with a personal power leadher and an IGNITED SISTERHOOD behind you to SUPPORT YOU, EMPOWER YOU, UPLIFT YOU, ENCOURAGE YOU, and HOLD YOU UP while you gain clarity, GROW THROUGH YOUR PROCESS, and get the coaching, guidance, and tools you need to SHOW UP, GLOW UP, & SLAY YOUR GOALS!!

I’m so committed to your success that I’ve made this LIFE-CHANGING MASTERMIND an absolute no-brainer – you can get started today for just $10 for your first 30 days, and only $19/month after that.  (No gimmicks. No commitments. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime)

Join The IGNITE Your Life Experience if you are ready to:


Get help getting back on track

Get unstuck, get motivated, and take small supported steps towards the happiness and fulfillment you crave

Set and achieve soul-happy goals that are aligned with your authentic values and deepest desires

Set boundaries without “guilt” or fear

Identify and breakdown barriers to your success 

Make self-care an unapologetic priority so you can continue to pour into others

Get rid of all the toxic noise and distractions in your life 

Reduce stress, self-doubt, and negative talk

Surrender what’s holding you back, keeping you frustrated, and overwhelmed

Join a supportive sisterhood where you are free to be you beautiful, most authentic, self without judgement or other people’s negative opinions and toxic energy

Be heard, sort out your thoughts and feelings, be supported, and celebrated while you SLAY YOUR GOALS

Unlike Any Other Coaching Program Out There!


In contrast to many other masterminds and group coaching programs, you won’t become just another number in a sea of random disengaged members, lost in a group with no voice, no real connection to the coach, and no results.




In this community, every woman matters. 


We Glow Up Together!


After that, monthly membership is ONLY $19/month! 

** No hidden fees. No commitment. Cancel anytime**

Here is what you will receive in your IGNITED Mastermind membership… 

Live! Sisters Circle Power Calls 

Get your dose of vitamins “I Can Do This!” and “How To Do This!” through themed and real-life applicable coaching & personal power calls *unlimited access to all the replays

Ready. Set. Goals!

Set weekly milestones that your leadher will hold you accountable to accomplish

Private Mastermind Community

Feel the love, share thoughts, and be encouraged as you connect and vibe out with your leadher and your amazing tribe of like-minded souls on a journey to happiness and abundance – just like you 

Weekly “Consult Your Coach” Q&A

Get the answers you need to get unstuck and gain clarity for your next best action step

Motivation, Inspiration, & Devotionals 

Weekly empowerment & inspiration delivered directly to your inbox to inspire you to take meaningful action to get what what you want 


After that, monthly membership is ONLY $19/month!   

I am an accomplished, successful, professional woman. And there are times when even accomplished, successful, professional people need a little assistance, or a “push” to get to a place where they become an even better accomplished, successful professional.

Throughout the coaching program, Rhonda was a sounding board, a cheerleader, a mentor, teacher, and an accountability partner. We reached the goals I had set for myself during our time together.

I highly recommend Rhonda, and it’s comforting to know she is always available as a resource should there be a time again in my life when I need a little help steering the ship. ~ Helen Sanders, Assistant Director, Applications and Data Services, Temple University

Juggling many responsibilities including managing a busy household with my partner and our 2 children, keeping up with my health and wellness needs as someone with Multiple Sclerosis, trying to attain personal fitness and body goals, working to grow my real estate business, and also knowing that I still needed time for myself… I knew I needed some help. Rhonda was a tremendous help to me during the time I spent with her as a life coach.

Helping me organize my goals and get better with time management were some of the primary focuses we worked on. I have seen great results during and after our term together. I was able to reach the weight goal I set for myself and right now I am the busiest that I have been thus far in my real estate business.

The best thing about Rhonda is that her service is personalized to you. Many of my challenges were things that she could relate to as well (as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur), which made the process very comfortable. 

Rhonda is a great motivator and she really does take on the role of your personal cheerleader. Although she will cheer you on, she will also light the fire under you when needed. I’m glad I was able to have the Ignited Experience!  

Briana M. Cannon, REALTOR®

About Rhonda Kinard, Your Ignited Personal Power Leadher


Before the fame, recognition, and accolades, Rhonda was sitting in cubicle, working in the financial software industry. The job was cool and the people were amazing, but she wasn’t happy.  There was a burning desire inside of her to pursue a fulfilling career that made her happy and whole. Afraid and listening to those scary pesky little negative voices in her head, she continued to settle for less than what she desired and deserved. For a while, she was comfortable in her unhappiness, but as the burning desire grew inside of her, Rhonda could no longer contain her passion and desire to live a life that served and satisfied her. So, after 21 years in the tech world, she took the big leap and jumped fully into her passion of helping others take big bold steps, find their happiness, and achieve their dreams, too.

Since stepping fully into her best and brightest life, Rhonda’s had success massive success as a coach, trainer, and professional speaker sharing stage with Grammy-nominated artists, television personalities, CNN correspondents, Google executives, and the list goes on.

In her personal life, she beat her battle with high blood pressure, lost the weight, and became a better mom and wife after taking time to recharge and reignite her own life, health, and wellness. She’s an avid runner, self-care fanatic, and advocate for women’s health.

With over 25 years of experience as a trainer, life and success coach, and leader,  Rhonda brings an extraordinarily rich and unique combination of wisdom, knowledge, and authenticity to her coaching, talks, and programs.

Rhonda is happily married  – going on 18 years. She is the mother of two young wonderful humans, both in high school. When she is not igniting lives, she is cheering on her kids at one of their activities, running, working out, volunteering, or reading a good book.


After that, monthly membership is ONLY $19/month! 

** No hidden fees. No commitment. Cancel anytime**