Ignite Your Leadership and Influence with Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is an important part of leadership. But it is even more important that an organization allows for and promotes the self-care of its leaders and valued team members.

Coming to work energized and alert, having healthy relationships inside and outside of work, being motivated, inspiring others, and being connected to your fullest potential and greater purpose allows you to find meaning in the work you do every day; no matter the job.


In this 2-hour workshop, teams take a hands-on approach as they explore the importance of self-care to leadership and how self-care improves corporate culture and employee engagement, builds strong teams, serves others, and positively impacts the company’s bottom line.

Workshop attendee are empowered to make lifestyle changes for better self-care at home and work, and each attendee leaves the training with a customized 30-Day Self-Care calendar with simple, yet effective action items they can implement right away to improve their performance, service, and leadership.


Board Leadership Excellence: Building High-Performance Boards with Powerful Impact 

(also for teams and employee retention initiatives)

Imagine having a strong, united, and positive board of directors that works extremely well together, empowering and enabling themselves to be on track with regard to meeting goals, raising record-setting amounts of money,  increasing attendance and engagement of its members and volunteers, all while having a rewarding and positive experience while doing it all?

This 4-hour workshop is designed for visionary success-centric boards who want to create and cultivate a positive board experience with powerful results for its board members, committees, and partners by strengthening the board’s overall impact, improving team dynamics and working relationships within the board, and reaching their strategic goals in the most collaborative and effective way.

Using our Leadership Excellence Wheel, this highly-interactive and very hands-on workshop takes a deep dive into what it really takes for board members to thrive, serve freely, and collaborate while improving board loyalty, leadership skills & effectiveness, and member retention.

Workshop attendees leave with a custom 30-Day Leadership Excellence Challenge that empowers them to use their power and influence to work with others, with excellence, to drive desired board outcomes.

Client Testimonials

Rhonda presented at our Best Practices Conference that focused on leadership in healthcare and she did not disappoint!  She was an engaging and dynamic speaker who captured the room and had people thinking on a personal level about how their own self-care can positively impact their presence and performance in the workplace.  Rhonda provided practical, digestible pieces of information for attendees to take home and implement immediately to begin a journey of self-care.  I would definitely recommend Rhonda for any group as her work is applicable to areas outside of healthcare as well.

Laura Bruce, MEd, RN-BC, OCN,CHPN, Clinical Nurse Educator 6C & System Oncology

[Professional Development seminar] was perhaps the most continually beneficial and motivating seminar enjoyed by our team. The graduate students were particularly impressed and appreciative of your ability to communicate difficult concepts easily as well as share a weighty and broad volume of professional experience and knowledge.

Rev. Dr. Malcolm T. Byrd, Director City of Philadelphia Mayor’s Office Of Faith-Based Initiatives

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