What Will You Paint on Your Canvas Today?

Imagine for a moment that you are standing in front of a large blank canvas. It extends higher and wider that your eyes can see, or mind can imagine. In one hand, you are holding a brush, and in the other hand, you are gripping a large palette full of colors.

Your next move is to take your brush, dip it in the color palette wherever and however you choose, extend your colorful brush to the canvas, and begin to …


Will you create something big and grand, or simple and safe? Will you splash color after color on your canvas, or will you create something monotone and grey? Will you toss the brush, stick your hands in the palette, and be wild and free, enjoy the feeling of cold wet paint dripping down your fingers, get messy and paint with your hands as you enjoy organized chaos or…  will you carefully use your brush, avoid mess, have no fun, and create with precision and poise?

Or will you stand there, afraid, scared to paint on your canvas at all? Or will you compare your potential technique and creation to those of others painting around you?

Now, come back to this moment in time in your life!

What will you create? Today.

How colorful will you be? Do you have the courage to create? Will you paint outside the lines? Will you continue to keep it simple?

Every day, despite what happened yesterday, you have an amazing opportunity to create something incredible.  You have the chance, even in this moment, to be a different you! A more confident you!  A bold you! An unapologetic you!

Behold your beauty and become it as you create it. You are a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.

Embrace your power and create something extraordinary today!

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