Personal development nurtures and coaches the untapped champion within teens and students.  IGNITED S.T.A.R.S. programs and events encourage and inspire them to be self-confident, socially responsible leaders who will create positive change, use their gifts and talents to their fullest potential, and be unstoppable in the pursuit of their big dreams.  

Facilitated by, Rhonda Kinard, CEO of A Life Ignited, our sought-after and highly interactive empowerment talks, champion chats, interactive e-Learning experiences, and leadership and personal development workshops teach students the skills they need to compete, achieve success and excel in life.






Rhonda takes students on an exciting journey as she ignites, motivates, and shares her very relatable experiences from childhood and having low self-worth to now living her big bodacious dreams, traveling the world, and inspiring others to do the same. While she entertains students with her stories, she is also teaching student valuable life lessons about character, integrity, resilience, authenticity, leadership, self-worth, and self-care.  


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I am so impressed with Rhonda Kinard of A Life Ignited!

Her presentation was FLAWLESS!

As a speaker for The Urban League of Philadelphia’s Empowerment Week 2018 event “Careers Empowered”, 

Rhonda was awesome!

I would highly recommend Rhonda for group engagements and personal coaching. Feel free to contact me personally for a more detailed reference. I can’t wait to work with Rhonda again! “

Debra Abrams, CPA, PHR Urban League of Philadelphia

Students stood in line afterward just to speak to you. They were eager to share their stories about their experiences online. They really enjoyed your presentations and felt at ease talking to you. 

Barbara Scott, Director of Technology

Waldron Mercy Academy, Lower Merion, PA

Your ability to connect with our students with true facts, fun facts and inspiring acts equal for a well-rounded and fun environment for students to want to keep coming back each time you are on campus.

Erica Schwartz, Assistant Director, Office of Student Involvement

Rutgers University – Camden

THE LEADERSHIP LIFESTYLE LOUNGE Six-module training designed to enhance students’ ability to set goals and believe they achieve them, embrace and exert their innate leadership potential, communicate effectively, make healthy life choices, and create a lifestyle conducive to growth, development of long-term success and happiness in life. Workshops and presentations are highly interactive and relatable. Students leave empowered to be resilient, socially responsible leaders who can overcome challenges, and use their unique gifts and talents to make extraordinary contributions to society. The Leadership Lounge covers:

  • Leadership
  • The Importance of Communication Skills & Body Language
  • Building Your Brand and Social Media
  • Goals and Vision
  • The Company You Keep
  • Resilience Champion Chat


Students are equipped with tools, skills, and confidence they need to begin their journey of stellar leadership, personal branding, and professional poise with confidence and integrity. Presentations are highly interactive, energetic, and sure to ignite next level greatness in the minds, bodies, and spirits of the students.

  • Social Media Branding for Success (includes LinkedIn profile creation and professional photoshoot for profile pic)
  • 30-Second Elevator Pitch without forgetting it as soon as you write it down
  • Interview Skills w/ Mock Interview
  • 4-Tier Leadership Training (Self-Care, Service, Inspire, Lead)
  • Confidence, Self-Worth, and F.E.A.R. Coaching Moment



The Freshman Full Throttle Coaching Program empowers students to excel academically, confidently and proactively manage themselves, set goals, get acclimated to college life, and thrive on campus. Students are coached as they work to achieve their goals, get acclimated to campus life, and navigate the temptations and pressures of college and campus life. Learn more here:

Freshman Full Throttle prepares students for “life on and off campus!”

 Topics covered include:  Study Skills, Time Management, Communication Skills, Resilience & Perseverance, Goal Setting, Affirmations, and Intentions, Getting Up After a Setback, Internet & Online Integrity, Conflict Management & Resolution, Self-Respect, Social Responsibility, Safety on Campus, Define and Focus on Your “Why”